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The Stomach

Acidic conditions are rampant in America, mainly because we abuse the foods that cause the condition. With an acid stomach there will always be lots of gas. When it gets really out of control, heartburn may develop. Those who have chronic stomach issues tend to have a nervous and fearful constitution.  There is a good reason for this; fear is acidic.

Foods to avoid to heal the Stomach
No oranges, orange juice or caffeine. Substitute with coffee substitutes, herbal teas, and pure water and very small amounts of other juices! Remember, essentially, all we really need to drink is pure water. The rest should be used sparingly.

Herbs and supplements that are beneficial to the Stomach
My favorites include aloe vera gel, which comes in capsules or liquid form. This will coat the stomach and assist in healing. Another favorite is marshmallow, which will also coat the stomach and comes in capsule or bulk tea form. Whichever you decide, start with a dose at every meal in the beginning until relief is experienced and then back off slowly to two times a day and finally just once per day for quite some time, until you feel your are healing the problem.

There is also a tissue salt that is a favorite called Natrum Phosphate. The tissue salts all have a direct effect on healing, and it is Natrum Phosphate's job to balance out the body's acidity. These are small homeopathic pellets that may need to be taken frequently in the beginning (4 pellets 3 or 4 times a day) and then again, backed off slowly until you are down to one dose per day. This type of healing can work only if you begin to trust your own judgment. We have been told for so long how to do everything, we have forgotten how to listen and pay attention to our own bodies. This will come back and when it does, enjoy it. You will know when and how to reduce the potencies based on how you feel.

Calming the nervous system may prove very beneficial to those with a nervous constitution including herbs like Chamomile, PassionFlower and Valerian. The tissue salt Kali Phosphate helps to nourish the nervous system and can be used as often as needed.

Physical symptoms of an Acid Stomach
Acidic conditions can manifest in the physical body as gas and heartburn.

Negative emotions that aggravate an acid stomach
Fears and anxieties affect the acid level of the body. People who have chronic acid issues tend to have a nervous constitution. The fear flowers are: Aspen, Cherry Plum, Larch, Mimulus, Red Chestnut, Rock Rose, and White Chestnut.

A person with a nervous constitution may also lean toward the flower essence Vervain. The Vervain personality focuses on one particular issue and tends to handle them with stress and tension. When the vervain personality gets on a mission, they have a hard time letting go of it. They waste energy by putting out more than they actually have. Vervain is actually an exhaustion flower. The exhaustion comes from wasting our limited resources on only one issue.

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