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Muscular System

The muscular system affords us movement and mobility. Along with the muscles, the ligaments and tendons are involved in this system. Sometimes it is hard to distinguish between a ligament and a bone when pain is involved in the area of the joints.

The foods to avoid to heal the Muscular System
Healing the muscular system is dependent upon our ability to digest and absorb. Therefore, a healthy digestive system is imperative to keep our muscles strong, mobile and pain free. (See the sections on healing the Liver/Spleen, gall bladder, kidneys, bladder and stomach.) Foods that are essential to eat are those high in calcium, magnesium, zinc and potassium. You will find nuts and seeds can be beneficial in all of these nutrients, especially almonds, sesame seeds and poppy seeds. Dark leafy bitter greens as well as fresh green herbs can help keep an adequate supply of these nutrients in the body. It is important to introduce a little of any of these foods daily into the diet. Seeds play an important role in our healing process and are not given the attention they deserve on a daily basis.

Herbs & supplements that are beneficial to the Muscular System
Magnesium and Calcium are essential to muscular health along with zinc and potassium. I believe we can get an adequate supply of these nutrients in our food if we are digesting properly. That is key to health. For those who experience muscular pain, a supplement of magnesium, or higher magnesium to calcium ratio, may be very helpful to get any deficiencies back into balance.
The tissue salt, Magnesium Phosphate, helps to nourish the muscular system. The tissue salt, Natrum Mur, might also be helpful if the sodium to potassium ratio is out of balance. This could cause swelling and cravings for salty foods. Muscular weakness can be a symptom of Natrum Mur deficiency.

Physical Symptoms of Muscular Imbalance
Muscular weakness and muscular pain, cramping and shooting or darting pains in the muscular system can all be indication of an imbalance in the muscular system.
Negative emotions that aggravate Muscular System

The muscular system holds the emotion of intolerance. The flower essence for intolerance is usually Beech. The Beech personality type is easily irritated, critical and judgmental. Sometimes the Beech personality directs this energy at everyone he/she meets; others may direct it at one individual; still others may direct it at themselves. Those who direct it more inwardly will usually experience greater concentrations of pain within the system.

The negative Beech personality often manifests in the 5th chakra area as neck and shoulder pain and stiffness. The Beech personality may also manifest throat pain, laryngitis, tightening of the jaw, teeth and gum problems.

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