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Mucus Membranes

Sinus, Bronchial, Ear and Lung Infections

It seems that every time you turn around, someone is complaining about a sinus infection, a cold, or bronchial infection. Most of us will have our excuses in order… pollen, mold, dust, etc. But no one seems to understand what the language our bodies are really trying to tell us. Depending upon where the clogging takes place in the mucus membranes, a person can begin to "see" what the emotion or energetic imbalance is speaking to.

The foods to avoid to heal the Mucus Membranes
For chronic sinus or bronchial problems, avoid all cow dairy, oranges and orange juice. Both produce mucous. This is extremely important when beginning healing no matter how young or how old. Goat, sheep, soy or rice milk products can be subsituted for cow dairy. Be conscious of soy, however, as it too can be an allergen to some people.

For babies with chronic ear or sinus infections, if the mother is nursing she also should avoid these foods. A baby who is using a formula with a cow milk base should substitute with a soy formula. If soy is also a problem (which it can be in some cases) goats milk is very digestible as it is closest to mother's milk. However, goat milk is deficient in folic acid, so a folic acid supplement must be added to the diet in order to avoid folic acid deficiency. I often recommend to dilute the goat milk with 1/2 pure spring water which seems to work well for most babies. This is also helpful for children who can't seem to gain weight. The fat in goat's milk is a very good source for young children in need of good fats.

Eliminate regular wheat or white breads and substitute with sourdough or sprouted grain breads. Both are much more digestible to the body, thereby reducing mucous production.
Oranges and orange juice can also product mucus. Substitute with other choices such as grapefruit or lemon.

Herbs & supplements that are beneficial to Mucus Membranes
My favorite combination for this problem is Elderberry/Echinacea/Goldenseal combination. Many times, by taking one capsule three times a day for a few days will help to bring about relief. I always recommend slowly backing down to twice a day for a week or two and eventually just once a day until you are sure it is gone completely.

Elderberry, Echinacea and Goldenseal also come in tincture form for the younger children. It's safe and effective.

There are many homeopathic remedies that are combinations called (not surprisingly) "Sinus". Different ones work for different people so you will have to find the one that suits your needs.
Kali Mur is a tissue salt that can be helpful for chronic sinus issues. Kali Mur helps with sluggish conditions in the body, especially white discharges affecting the skin and mucus membranes. Coughs, colds, sore throats, bronchitis.. all illnesses associated with the mucus membranes may respond well to doses of Kali Mur.

If your sinus problems seem to be more associated with pollen or seasonal allergies that are aggravated with sneezing and watery eyes (more noticeable during the spring and fall only). Nettles and eyebright are the two herbs that are more apt to give you relief. Quercetin has been noted as effective for relieving these symptoms. The tissue salt Natrum Mur is also very effective for watery conditions especially if it is associated with lots of bouts of sneezing.

Physical symptoms of Mucus Membrane imbalances
When clogged the mucus membranes can cause sinus infections, ear infections, sore throats, headaches, lung infections and bronchial infections.

Negative emotions that aggravate the Mucus Membranes
Resentment is stored in the mucus membranes of the body. The flower essence for resentment is Willow. Dependent upon where the symptoms manifest in the body, a person can begin to zone into what their specific issues may be that may need healing.

Chicory can also play a role in resentment, more specifically associated with the victim menality role. These people tend to focus on what they don't have in life instead of what they do; they feel unappreciated; and often times end a positive statement with a "but" at the end.

Sinus more specifically relates to the resentments that come from abundance issues, in other words, focusing on what we don't have instead of what we do have. The positive aspect of sinus comes from appreciating that which we have in our lives.
The bronchial tubes hold the emotion of resentments of our own insecurities. In this energy, we focus more time on what we don't like about ourselves instead of what we do like about ourselves.

The lungs hold the energy of resentment from relationship issues. This is a very deep resentment. Most often the bronchial tubes will protect the lungs, but when we hold our resentments deep, even the bronchial tubes will have a hard doing their job.

Let's talk a minute about chronic ear infections in this country. Many, many times, these ear infections will begin when a day care is started because the mother has to return to work. It is easy at this point to blame the other children in the center giving the child a germ or disease. Let's look instead to the possibility that the child may be resentful of being left in the care of strangers. They may be resentful of being taken from the mother. Hence, the imbalance of resentment may come from the child focusing on not having his mother available.

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