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Female Hormonal Organs

One of the biggest complaints from women today is hormone imbalance. Young children's periods are inconsistent. Some constantly seem to have their periods; others never seem to get one. The cycle is way out of balance. Women are having a harder and harder time getting pregnant. Cysts are rampant and endometriosis is more common than not. And let's not forget pre-menopause, menopause and post-menopause. There are way too many symptoms to even think about.

Does anyone question what is truly going on here? Our cycles are way out of balance. What I realize is that our lives are continually cycling no matter what our age. And all of our glands and organs play a significant role in ensuring that these cycles are gentle. When you have PMS problems and/or menopausal problems, our bodies are simply telling us that are organs and glands that keep us in balance are out of balance. We need to think about getting them back into balance. To get your body back into balance quickly and efficiently, it is essential to deal with a yeast problem if you believe you have one (see our section on Candida). Make sure your glands & organs are functioning properly (see the sections on Liver/Spleen, Gall Bladder, Bladder, and Stomach).

The foods to avoid to heal Hormones Imbalances:
Avoid meat and dairy products that contain growth hormones (these simply add fuel to the fire). If you choose to eat meat, free range or organic is your safest choice. Products made from goat or sheep milk is also usually safe. Increase beans in your diet especially black beans and soybeans
Herbs & supplements that are beneficial to balancing Female Hormones:
Two products that seem to work consistently well to help balance female hormones are Herb Pharm's Vitex-Black Cohosh Formula and Black Cohosh-Licorice Compound. Natures Plus Soy Isoflavones has been helpful as well as Natures Plus Menotrol Formula which is a combination of soy isoflavones and black cohosh. Black Cohosh almost always makes its way into hormonal formulas. Natra-Bio also makes a homeopathic formula called "Menopause" that might prove helpful for some. For PMS symptoms, Natra-Bio PMS may help. I often suggest Chastetree Berry for irregular periods which is very safe and effective for the teenage group.
Menopause symptoms that don't respond well to either of the above sometimes respond well to Progesterone Cream. Country Life makes a wonderful cream called Feminique that has proven results. Of course, there are many products out there that may work for you. These are simply the ones I see consistently working for many. Without the ability to test individually, you will have to rely on the old hit and miss formula. Trust that you will know within one or two month's time if something is working for you or not. You might not see complete results, but things will change and you will know. Trust and pay attention.

For those who experience cramping, Herb Pharm makes a formula called Helonios-Viburnum Compound that contains False Unicorn, Squaw Vine, Cramp Bark, Blue Cohosh and Ginger. It helps with any pains or cramping in the uterine area. The tissue salt Magnesium Phosphate may also prove helpful. The flower essence that I have seen help with cramping is Beech as Beech helps to calm the muscular system.

Physical symptoms of Hormonal Imbalances:
The physical symptoms of a hormonal imbalance are exhaustion as well as crying. Menopausal and/or PMS symptoms are usually extremely pronounced.
Negative emotions that aggravate the Hormonal Organs:
The hormonal organs hold the emotion of depression. Doesn't it make sense now why so many may feel depressed during this time of month? If we hold this emotion from an old memory cell, when our hormonal organs go into full swing, the emotion will come to full view. So healing depression is essential to healing hormonal imbalances.
The flower I see most that helps with this issue is called "Mustard". The mustard depression comes and goes. It is like a black cloud that follows you around. The person usually does not even know why they are depressed. Depression manifests in the physical body as exhaustion, crying and hormonal imbalances.

Gentian is another flower that might prove helpful. It is the flower for discouragement. Discouragement comes from feeling as though a person takes two steps forward and three steps backward. They have a hard time moving on from small set backs in life. If you can relate to this emotion, Gentian might help.

Lastly, I often work with Walnut. Walnut is the flower for changes and transitions in life. What I have learned is that those who have easy hormonal transitional times are those who also enjoy changes in their lives. Hormones are related to changes. As spiritual beings, we are here to experience change in life. Change creates excitement. Those who choose to stay "stuck" in old patterns or beliefs may also find that their hormonal problems are created through these belief patterns. In this case, walnut would be extremely beneficial in helping to move through hormonal imbalances.

Walnut also relates to individuals who are strong in personality but can be easily influenced by another whose energy is even stronger. Walnut allows us to break away from these powerful influences allowing us to make changes in our lives that benefit our self.


Anonymous said...

It's indeed a good day! I came across this post today! Thank you for writing this post in particular. Wish i had seen it earlier.
Seek your advise about an ovarian cyst (of negligible size) present in a 63 year old woman. Ignore it, because it is too small? Have the BFR mustard, gentian and walnut even at this stage? Will these flower remedies dissolve the emotions of discouragement,depression and resistance to change.

Linda Wojcik, Nutritional Kinesiologist, Spiritual Intuitive, Flower Practitioner said...

Good morning Anonymous: Flower essences help us move through the emotion by allowing us to see through the eyes of truth as opposed through the eyes of the emotion. These can be two very different views. As we recognize how we are patterning our behaviors, we have opportunities presented that will allow us to shift our old paradigms into new. That is where healing begins. As far as a cyst, they are usually tied energetically to concentrated anger. And because it is formed in the 2nd chakra it is most likely related to relationship issues. If you feel you would like to work energetically to help heal this old energy, I would be happy to work with you. You can reach me at my email: should you have more questions or would like to schedule an appointment.

Anonymous said...

Good morning to you Ms. Linda and very glad for your early reply. Thank you very much for the explanation and possibilities, giving hope to heal. My query was genuine and on behalf of my sister. Pardon me if I had not disclosed this earlier. It would certainly take time on my side to coax her to even consider this modality of healing. In addition she is currently in India, so this is going to take time. I would like to take a rain check on this and get back to you when all things fall in place. Will mail you when there is some receptivity.Appreciate the time spent and information given on my queries. You raise hope in us. Our heartfelt best wishes to you. Thank you once again.