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Essential Nutritents for Healing

Digestion is key to health and with the great American diet, I find many clogged livers, spleens, gall bladders, kidneys, bladders & stomachs. The liver, gall bladder, stomach, kidneys, bladder and spleen areas are our nurturing centers of the body. When food is not digested properly through the nourishing center, the body does not get nourished. Hence, deficiencies begin to occur. This is why healing the nurturing center is the most important part of beginning the healing process. The most common deficiencies I find when we are not digesting properly are one or more of the B-complex vitamins, Vitamin E and the minerals Magnesium and Calcium. This would account for

It is the B-Complex that handles our energy, our stress levels and our ability to sleep. The more deficient in this essential vitamin complex, the more symptoms you will manifest.
Vitamin E is essential to healthy arteries, as well as the skin and brain. When the gall bladder is not functioning properly, Vitamin E is very hard to absorb even with taking a vitamin E supplement.

And need we say more about calcium and magnesium? The problem with calcium and magnesium is not how much we get in our diets, but how efficiently we absorb it. The same is true for all nutrients. Absorption is key. The problem with America is that we have been made to believe that dairy is our only source of calcium. This is so far from the truth. Although dairy is very high in calcium, it is also very high in proteins that tend to be indigestible to the human body... hence, the high amounts of calcium never get absorbed, thereby creating a deficiency. Let's keep in mind that cows have four stomachs, a feat that most of us do not possess. So why should cow's milk be so digestible to the human body. In reality, it's not. It can cause great problems to the body including digestive upsets, cramping, and diarrhea as well as sinus and mucous problems.

So, where should we get our calcium and magneisum? Seeds, nuts, fresh dark green herbs and bitter, leafy greens (the more bitter the better). Seeds are the easiest source. According to muscle testing, 1/4 to 1/2 tsp. of sesame or poppy seeds daily will give you all the calcium necessary for absorption if the digestion/filtration system is working properly. Or simply try eating three almonds a day. Although they don't appear exceptionally high in calcium or magnesium, the absorption rate is wonderful if you get your digestion working. Nature did not make this hard for us... we did. By the choices we made in determining what is good for our body. Try it.. you're gonna love it. Keep a jar of sesame seeds on your kitchen counter and simply sprinkle a few each day on your morning meal. Or grab a small handful of almonds for your afternoon snack.

The seeds will also give you your needed amounts of Vitamin E on a daily basis as well as unsaturated fatty acids, magnesium, potassium, phosphorous and zinc. What's better than that?
For those who are extremely thin and have a hard time putting weight on, a diet that includes goat yogurt, goat cheese or goat milk may be extremely beneficial. Goat products give you the benefit of a good fat and protein that is very digestible to most of us. Sheep products can also be used.

For a B-complex deficiency, a yeast-free high B-complex (50 to 100 mgs. daily) will assist the body in handling this problem. Also, make informed decisions to reduce your stress in your life. Although most of us don't want to admit it, we are ultimately responsible for our own stress and as we have found in life, only the one responsible can change it. Take this responsibility seriously.

The list of glands and organs explains further symptoms that may appear should the specific gland or organ not be working efficiently. There is also a basic description of their primary use along with the foods to avoid and the possible herbs to use to begin the healing process. I have also included a listing of the emotions associated with each problem and the flower essence, which could help balance this particular emotion. If you do not recognize yourself as having this negative emotional imbalance, don't just jump into the flower. Instead, recognize how you do feel and begin with a more appropriate flower for you to begin peeling your layers of emotion. As you peel emotional layers, you will start to recognize the different emotions you have been stuffing and eventually, you will get to the original imbalance, which caused the condition to begin with. (Refer to our website section entitled, "Healing the emotions with flower essences for further information.)

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